I was a ball of nerves.

I was in my bathroom, just getting ready for the day, looking in the mirror as I curled my hair and tried to ignore the fact that I was so nervous to lead worship the next night.

After suppressing the nerves all week, it finally hit me.
I started trembling and actually began to tear up as a wave of anxiety hit me.
I looked at the pathetically scared girl in the mirror and thought, “I’ve been leading worship for almost 5 years now. This is literally a simple church prayer gathering. This is ridiculous. Why am I still battling fear?”

I’ll rewind a little. I’ve spent pretty much my whole life hiding my voice. I’m not totally sure why or when that became a thing, but as long as I can remember, I never let anybody hear me sing. I loved singing when I was at home alone, or quietly humming when I used a blow-dryer so no one in the house could hear me, but as soon as another person was present, I could not get any real sound to come out.

It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that God spoke to me in my room one day.
He said, “There’s a big fear you have that I want you to get over. I’ve given you a voice. I want to use you to bless others in worship, and you’re being selfish by letting fear keep that locked up.”
At that time, I had recently made a commitment to God and myself to live fearlessly–that I would never let fear be the reason I didn’t do something.
So I said, “Okay God, I’ll start singing,” not totally sure what that would mean or look like.

I’ll never forget the night that started this whole singing thing for me. A few weeks after God told me to get over my fear, my church at the time was having youth worship team tryouts. I went back and forth with myself that whole day about whether or not I should go, until finally I found myself driving to the church, shaking, with my stomach in knots saying, “God, whatever You want to do with my life and my voice, do it. Whether I make the team or not, I’m doing this for You and to show fear that it doesn’t control me.”

I ended up trying out, and everybody was shocked that I could sing.
I made the team, and that opened the door to this whole new world of music and worship-leading for me.

The past 5 years since then have consisted of me learning from scratch. I learned how a band works, how to use in-ears, how to sing harmonies, I had to get used to the sound of my voice in a microphone, what it means to be a worship leader, how to feel a room and take the song where God wants it go…like I literally came into this not knowing anything haha. Over these past few years I’ve gotten to lead at different churches, sing at a few conferences, and even a few weddings. I’m now on my current church’s worship team at Jesus Culture Sacramento, where I get to serve with some of the most humble, gifted, and passionate worship leaders I’ve ever known. This worship-leading thing has been one of the most unexpected and beautiful journeys of my life.

However, every now and again, that fear tries to rear its ugly head.

Fast-forward to that moment in my bathroom (of all places, haha). That was going to be my third time leading worship that week, I had some kind of bug, my voice was giving out, and leading at this prayer gathering felt like more pressure than doing background vocals like I do most often at my church. So there I was last week, shaking, feeling small, and completely unqualified. For a split second, the thought crossed my mind, “Is this worth it? Why do I put myself through the nerves and nausea?” God, I can’t go on like this forever. Help me.”

I had a decision to make…Should I say it was a good run and plan to close the worship-leading chapter of my life pretty soon, or continue to fight the fear head-on until every last bit of it was gone?

I said to myself, “Why on EARTH would I let fear rob me of what I was made to do? God, YOU spoke to me. YOU called me to this, so help me face and overcome this fear once and for all.”

So for the sake of obedience, my refusal to let fear win, and for my hope to encourage other people that battle with fear, I decided to go to war in my bathroom.

I started singing the lyrics to “You Make Me Brave” until I was shouting them and until I believed it.
God helped me get to the roots of my fear so it could no longer control me.

I realized I had put all these different pressures on myself, that I think so many of us experience in the things we pursue.

I felt like I needed to perfect.
I thought, “The world has so many other gifted people, and I’m just some random girl that decided to be obedient. What could I have to offer?
I didn’t want to disappoint people.
I felt like every worship set I led had to turn into a super powerful, spontaneous set like the Bethel videos on YouTube haha.

And that’s when God told me, “Your worship doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s. You don’t need to be the best singer or worship leader out there for me to love your worship. You’re LEARNING. Give yourself the time and the grace to learn and grow! If you’re fighting your way through this fear and can only manage to sing Me the simplest song imperfectly, that is MORE than enough for Me. THAT is beautiful, costly worship.”

All of this pressure, comparison, and anxiety I had started to vanish. Instead I felt the freedom to be learning, the freedom to not be perfect, the freedom to just be myself.

The next night ended up being one of my top favorite times ever leading worship. Without all the nerves in the way, I was able to actually sing out what was inside of me. I looked around and saw a room full of people singing, shouting, cheering, dancing, and excited about what God was doing in our lives and in our city. There was a new level of freedom I hadn’t felt before. I remember feeling so alive in that moment, and every word I sang felt like driving another nail into fear’s coffin.

I share all this not to be like, “Oooh, look what I did!” but to stand on the other side of a victory and say,


There is NO FEAR that has ANY RIGHT to control you.

(And yes, I’m shout-typing this because THIS IS IMPORTANT!)

As I’m typing this, I really feel like this is your moment to wake up and allow yourself to pursue the things that sound crazy, unconventional, and impossible.

It’s time to let God to breathe on the little spark in your heart
until it’s a raging, unstoppable fire.

It’s time to leave behind the pressures of perfectionism, people-pleasing, and striving.


Even if you’re trembling, have no clue what you’re doing, and feel completely unqualified, just start somewhere.
He can only help you “walk on water” when you decide to take the first step.

If GOD has called you and made you for this purpose, that’s ALL that matters.
The world will be a better place because you decided to do what you were made to do.

Take some time to sit and think about what your life would look like without any fear.
Ask God to lead you in doing whatever it is that He’s put in your heart.
I promise you, friend, it will be one of the most beautiful, worth-it things you’ll ever do.

I’m so excited for you and I’m cheering you on!!



P.S. – Feel free to write out what your “thing” is in the comments! What’s that thing you’d love to do but maybe have been too scared to start?
There’s something so powerful about saying it out loud.

“If God is so good, then why have I been so hurt? Why do good people go through horrific things? Can I really trust Him, or will I be left disappointed?”

As a kid, life was pretty much just rainbows and butterflies as far as I knew. But as I’ve gotten older, lived more life, experienced heartbreak for myself, and seen tragedy strike some really wonderful people, it’s made me confront some difficult questions.

This life is imperfect, so we’re going to face pain and disappointment at some point.
If we’re not careful, we can let disappointment skew our idea of who God is.
Here are some of my thoughts and encouragement in case you’re looking for some perspective! 🙂

I haven’t had a ton of time to write lately, but I had time to do a quick unedited video in my car, so here ya go!


I know this seems like such a common-sense thing, but it’s actually not! As I’ve lived more life and jumped into new communities, I’ve experienced firsthand and heard from so many others how hard it can be to make new, real, DEEP, LONG-LASTING friends.

We all want those friends we can experience life with, laugh with, who will love us despite our quirks, who we trust enough to be there at our absolute lowest and will celebrate with us in our highs.

And I totally understand what it’s like to not always have that. Throughout my life, I’ve definitely had those weird, lonely, transitional seasons where I wasn’t sure who my “people” were.

Maybe you just moved to a new city, or you’re at a new school, job, church, or maybe you just let busy-ness get in the way of having a social life. Maybe deep down you’re afraid of getting hurt or disappointed, so you keep people at a distance. Whatever it may be, you’re NOT ALONE and we’ve ALL been (or will be) there at some point. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way forever!

I want to encourage you with 6 practical steps I’ve learned about making those real, authentic, long-lasting kind of friends:

1. You’re gonna have to get out of your comfort zone – Shut down your Netflix, get off the couch, and go to some social events. Think of the kind of people you want in your life, and then put yourself in environments where those people are likely to be. You want selfless friends in your life? Sign up for some community service projects. Love playing sports? Join a rec team! Personally, church has always been a primary source of community for me, and about two years ago I started attending a new one. I didn’t really know anyone and it felt weird and awkward at first, but I knew I didn’t want to stay feeling lonely like that. So I committed to going to every event I could (even when it was scary because I had to go by myself and didn’t know anyone). But I kept pushing through and kept putting myself out there.

2. Making friends takes initiative – I was shy when I was little, and my dad used to always tell me, “Angela, you can’t wait for other people to come up to you. If you want friends, go out and make them.” It’s simple, but so true! Is it nice when you’re at a party and someone comes up to you and makes you feel welcome? Yes. But is that actually the norm? Unfortunately, no. If you want new friends, go out and make them! Step out of your comfort zone, go up to people, introduce yourself, show yourself friendly. If you find someone you want to get to know a little better, exchange numbers and make plans to go out to coffee or something!

3. Vulnerability bonds us with others – I learned in one of my psychology classes, “People will admire your strengths, but CONNECT with your weaknesses.” Be REAL. Life’s too short for surface-level conversations. Sure, it’s nice getting to know the other person’s opinion of the weather today or what they did this weekend. But find out what’s REALLY on their mind. Ask about their life story. What are they passionate about? What are their dreams? What are their struggles? It’s those real convos from the HEART that build the foundation for deep connection.

4. God’s got you. – Simple and true! A few years ago when I knew I needed some more close friends, I simply asked God to connect me with who He knew I needed in my life and who needed me in theirs. I made a lot of wonderful friends in that time, and felt like I was going on a zillion coffee dates every week. As time went on, I just naturally found myself and a few girls hanging out more and more. One night I was out at dinner with two of them and they just straight-up asked me, “Do you want to be best friends?” We laugh now about their straight-forwardedness (is that a word?), but it truly was God answering my prayers super literally. He came through and blessed me with some of the best friends. Which brings me to my next point…

5. COMMIT to connection – Commit. Commit. Commit. Taking someone from acquaintance to friend to close-like-family takes INTENTIONALITY, LOYALTY, and TIME. Life can get busy, but when you’ve made a good friend worth keeping, make plans to hang out often! This is especially important when building a new friendship. Commit to opening your heart up. Commit to trusting (even if it’s scary). Commit to being there for them. Be there to encourage. Share what’s REALLY going on in your heart. Be the kind of friend you want to have.

6. Don’t run when things get messy – The closer you get to someone, the more of them you’re going to see. That includes their best and their worst. You’re going to see their flaws. You’re probably going to get hurt. But if they’ve deemed themselves a good friend, do NOT let things drift just because some things about them bother you. If anything, it’s kind of an honor to see the imperfect sides of people because that means you’re close enough to see their whole selves.

The key is to TALK. COMMUNICATE. Get in the habit of being honest! This was a hard one for me, because I’m the type of person that would rather brush things off for the sake of keeping peace. But I’m learning how important it is to tell your friend when they do something that rubs you the wrong way. And let them be honest with you too. Honesty builds trust, and being able to talk through things with each other even strengthens the relationship. So again, COMMIT to connection.

So if you’re in a spot where you’re not sure who your “people” are right now, don’t stress. This season WON’T last forever. Promise!

Honestly, you’ve got this! Don’t overthink all of this. Don’t put a ton of pressure on yourself to make best friends right away. It’s going to happen SO naturally when you put yourself in situations to meet good people. Remember to be the kind of friend you want to have.

You’re amazing! You have so much to offer. And you’re never ever alone!
God’s got you, and feel free to reach out to me if you ever need an extra little push of encouragement!



P.S. – These fun pics were taken by the amazing Justina Burns @ http://instagram.com/justinalanaephotos ! I needed some group shots and these gem-of-friends agreed to help! Some are pictured and some aren’t, but I want to give a thank you to ALL of my best friends (pictured or not!) for loving me so well. Thanks for all the fun adventures over the years, wisdom, and for being my heart’s home in many ways. Y’all make life more rich.

“What do I want to do with my life?
Do I want to go to school?
Where do I want to go to school?
Where am I going to live?
Which jobs should I apply for? Why do I have a terrible fear of interviews?
Who am I going to marry?
I don’t want to be an old mom.
Alright, God…I need to be married, have a house, a thriving career, and thinking about having kids by the time I’m 30, so uhhh, could You hurry?
I also want to travel the world.
And can I squeeze some Hallmark movie marathon days in there too somewhere?”


Am I the only one that has these worries floating around in my head everyday as I navigate life in my twenties, or are you with me? Our twenties can feel like some of the most pivotal, make-it-or-break-it years of our lives. As we look around at the societal norm, there are so many milestones we’re pressured to make happen within the short span of these 10 years.

I am allllll about having goals, big dreams, and working hard to make those things a reality. But when I try too hard to make my life go “perfectly” according to my plan, I grip tightly onto control of it all and become weighed down by stress, pressure, and anxiety. Can you relate?

As I was driving the other day, I gave God a list of all the things I wanted to fall into place right now; all of the things that I thought would make me feel “caught up” to society’s “norm.”

“I know you think you should be done with college right now, but what if I still have you in school for a purpose? I know you want to find the right man for you right now, but what if I have a more perfect time for you to fall in love?” I felt Him speak.

“Why are you valuing society’s voice above Mine?
Society is following a whole other authority.
Take that worry off yourself, because that’s not how I designed you to live.

Society’s plan is not my plan for you.
Rest in Me.”

Friend, I’m writing this because I know how stressful trying to get our lives together can be. But our twenties can be some of the most beautiful, adventurous, and exciting years of our lives! God didn’t give us life so we could spend every day of it worrying, and working so hard to fit into a status quo.

We’ve been put on this earth to dream big dreams, to discover the unique reason why God made us, and to trust Him enough to take us there.

He’s with you.
He hasn’t forgotten about you.
He’s never late, He’s never early. He’s always on time.

Let’s readjust our thinking a little bit.
Contrary to what we’ve been taught, a degree, a job, a marital status, a paycheck, a car, the size of our house…those things are nice, but they’re not the TRUE measures of success.

At the end of my life, I want to ask myself:
How well did I trust God?
How well did I hear and follow His voice?
How well did I fulfill the purpose for which He created ME?

THIS is the true measure of success.

This has been my prayer:

“God, trust is where I keep getting stuck.
My lack of trust in You is what produces my worry.
You are a GOOD GOD. You are my PERFECT Father.
Help me to let go of my need to control everything. Help me to let go of society’s timeline. Help me to let go of my friends’ timelines. Help me not to compare my life to people’s on Instagram. Help me to embrace and CELEBRATE the beautiful, perfectly-timed, unique story You’ve written for my life.”

So friend, you’re doing a GREAT job.
Your life may look TOTALLY different than everyone else’s, but as long as you’re doing what God is calling YOU to do in THIS season, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Let’s let go, trust God, and live worry-free!
Cheers to us!


There was a day a couple months ago that I felt like my eyes were a little crossed when talking with people. I think it was all in my head, but it still woke me up a little, haha. All throughout my days, I was spending a ton of time looking down at my little phone screen scrolling, browsing, double-tapping, commenting, editing, and posting. I realized how much of my life I was wasting on my phone. So after some back-and-forth with myself, I decided to give up social media for 40 days. 40 days might not seem like a long time, but I’m amazed by the ways my mind transformed during this break! Here are 7 interesting things I learned:

1. Decluttering – The first day, I had a little down time at work. Without even thinking, my thumb naturally unlocked my phone and went to where my Instagram app usually is. “Oh wait, there’s nothing to check. What do I do with my mind right now??” I realized my brain had become so addicted to constantly being stimulated. I started daydreaming, praying & talking to God, and realized I now had more free space in my mind for the things that really matter to me.

2. FOMO went away – I noticed especially around weekends or holidays, I usually feel a little pressure to make plans because the last thing I want to do is sit at home by myself and scroll through the rest of the world hanging out & having fun without me. But not constantly seeing what everyone else was doing, honestly made me not really care anymore. Like on SuperBowl Sunday, for example, I didn’t go to a party. I ended up staying home, took a Sunday snooze, woke up to watch the halftime show, ate some wings, and got some schoolwork done. And I was totally content.

3. It illuminated my closest relationships – I wasn’t seeing updates of what that kid I had high school English with did this weekend. I couldn’t browse through snapshots of my friend’s cousin’s blogger friend’s life. I did, though, regularly text, call, and hang out with my best friends and family. I LOVE social media because it connects us with lots of people. But it was also nice to invest more authentic focus on those closest to me.

4. Isolation – There were days that I did feel kind of isolated. Not posting, liking, commenting, and updating the world on what you’re doing can make you feel like you’re in hiding or something. Like, did I really exist??

5. I lived for myself & my own Camera Roll – Day trips, hangouts, dinner dates, girls’ nights, fun events, latté art, breathtaking sunsets, sunny walks downtown…I didn’t feel the need to edit a ton of pictures or take rehearsed boomerangs to show everyone what I was doing. I just captured good memories because I wanted to. It freed up so much time!

6. It gave me a new love for my city – Someone who lived in LA once told me that it’s one of the most populated cities, but also one of the loneliest to live in. Isn’t that crazy? I think about those countries where people live in hut villages, and the people around them are literally their everything. I was walking downtown one Saturday with some friends, and without having my phone to look down at to avoid eye contact, I actually wanted to engage with the other Sacramentans around me. I smiled at strangers and wished people a good afternoon. Just those little gestures instantly gave me a new love for the people in my city and a new desire to make this one of the friendliest communities there are. There are some real gems right in front of us. You never know what could come of just a simple hello.

7. Social media is great in moderation – I’m not saying all this to be anti-social media. There are so many amazing things we can do these days thanks to our ability to connect online. These 40 days (actually 47, because on the last day I wanted to go another week!) were an AMAZING time of resetting and remembering what’s truly important in life.

These apps will come and go, and who we are online isn’t who we are in our entirety. Have you ever done something just to post pics of you doing it? I have, and I don’t want to do that anymore. Instead of living to capture & share, I may capture & share snippets of my life as I live it.

Let’s REALLY LIVE and FULLY take in the beauty, the people, and the moments that will be engrained in our hearts far longer than some of these apps will ever be a thing.

Maybe give “unplugging” a try too!