Hi friend, glad you’re here!

Words are powerful things, huh?
They possess the power to deeply penetrate our hearts to the core. To destroy, to influence, to inspire.

Words are some of my favorite things, and with that, I’ve found writing to be one of my favorite means of transferring what’s in my mind into the external world.

So with it being 2014 and all, I’m starting a blog! I’ve been journaling and pouring my life out on paper for as long as I can remember, so I’m finally deciding to share my experiences with you and whoever else reads this.

There’s something so encouraging about transparency, and knowing that we’ve all actually got lots in common. So as I’m living & adventuring through my life, you’re totally invited to come with, and learn along with me!

So this marks the beginning of a collection of my thoughts, life lessons learned, health tips, and whatever else my little heart desires to write about.

My prayer is that each of my words would be like a little dose of hope, inspiring and uplifting to the soul.

┬áSo yay, let’s do this, I’m SO excited for what’s to come!